Unhealthy Diet We Need To Avoid

By | May 5, 2017

Health lifeNowadays, there are many lifestyle and habits in this modern day. There are many lifestyles that considered as an unhealthy lifestyle. We need to avoid this kind of unhealthy lifestyle in order to maintain our healthy life. Lifestyle plays important role on our body health. We need to mind our lifestyle from now if we want a healthy body. Who doesn’t want a healthy body? everyone want a healthy body. And we need a healthy lifestyle to achieve a healthy life. Bellows are some unhealthy activities and lifestyle we need to avoid for our body health.

Strong bodies, comes from healthy foods and decent exercise. The most important aspect is food. We need to control our diet and appetite. There are a lot of unhealthy foods we need to avoid. Unhealthy foods are a food that doesn’t have enough nutrient we need or contains a dangerous material inside it. The examples of unhealthy foods are junk foods. This kind of foods doesn’t have many nutrients, only contains a huge amount of calorie. We need calorie for our energy each day, but if we overeat calorie, we will have unused energy. The unused energy will be stored in forms of fat. Having a lot of unused energy will make your body weight increase. Increasing body weight can lead you to many diseases such as obesity, heart attack, and much more. Balance your diet and control your appetite. The examples of healthy foods are fruit, veggies, and milk.

Besides foods, there are also another unhealthy habit that affecting our body health. The alcohol and cigarette consumption play a huge role in your body health. If you are smoking and drinking, you need to decrease the consumption, or if you can avoid it. Both are a dangerous habit that leads to many chronic diseases such as liver, bronchitis, and cancer. Cigarette and liquor contain many dangerous substances. If we keep consuming this dangerous substance, it can endanger our body health.

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