Types Of Leukemia

By | May 22, 2017

Health careThere are many kinds of cancer that have been known in this recent day. One of common cancer you may have heard is blood cancer. As its name, this condition occurs when there is an abnormal growth of blood cells and in this case, is white blood cells. Also, known as leukemia, experts divide this cancer into four groups that are classified as acute vs chronic and then lymphocytic vs myelogenous.

Chronic vs Acute Leukemia

The first two groups on leukemia are chronic and acute one. Here there are some maturation stages of the growth of white blood cells. In acute leukemia, the progress is more rapidly so that the result is the immature white cells in blood and marrow. Meanwhile, for chronic leukemia, the progress will not as fast as the acute one. In another word, the production of white blood cells is more mature so that the development of this blood cancer will not like the acute one.

Lymphocytic vs Myelogenous Leukemia

In lymphocytic and myelogenous leukemia, itself, it talks about the type of blood cells affected by cancer. For lymphocytic leukemia, cancer will be found in the vertebrate immune system. Here the cancerous transformation makes lymphocytes so that it is called as lymphocytic blood cancer. The other one, cancer occurs in the type of marrow cells producing red blood cells and platelets. The term to call this condition is myelogenous leukemia.

Moreover, each patient may have a different type of this blood cancer. It means that one patient needs a different treatment depending on what type of leukemia they get. By knowing the information about the type of this cancer indeed you now will enlarge the knowledge about this disease. After that now it is time for you to prevent leukemia by applying a healthy life then.

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