Type Of Chinese Zodiac Rat Years

By | January 30, 2017

Chinese Zodiac RatYou are not only knowing the traits of each zodiac sign but also, such as in the Chinese zodiac rat years, you know the type of rat from people who were born in the years of the rat. Decided by the characters of the animal sign in their zodiac, zodiac rat has quick-witted action hen analyzing something, they are very kind, diligent, and somewhat lovely. Therefore, this zodiac rat is also differentiated from its element that comes from the years of birth and the type of the rat.

Types Of Chinese Zodiac Rat Years And Its Characteristics

You can find five types of rat detailed from Chinese zodiac rat years. The types of the rat are a wood rat, earth rat, fire rat, water rat, and golden rat. However, to know the characteristics from each type of the rat is difficult because we must know the range of the birth years of people who were born in the year of the rat. For example, if you are born in 1924 or 1984, the type of rat is a wood rat. Wood rat characteristics are people who have high confident because he or she is talented but virtuous and confident. People in this wood rat have a strong sense that can work well with the group of people.

The other example is the type of gold rat. In this types, people were born in 1960 and the next years of 2020. Characteristics of people who were born with zodiac rat in these years have a strong sense of awareness although he or she is hot-tempered. They are smart and are easy to jealous with somebody.  These are the example of the traits found in people born in Chinese zodiac rat years. This type of rat is differentiated from its 60 year that comes once in a cycle if you want to know your type of rat and the characteristics of that rat.

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