Top Improvement Of Android Nougat

By | May 9, 2017

android nougatSo, the Android Nougat has been available on the system update. Users who receive notification update for this new version of Android may begin to search for what they can expect from the update. There must be new features and enhanced abilities offered by Android. But, what are the exact features and abilities which we can get from this version? To help you get the ideas about what to expect from Nougat, here are some top improvements that we can find in Nougat.

Top Improvement You Can Find In Android Nougat

First, there is an optimization in battery power. Thanks to the new feature of Doze mode in Nougat, it is possible for users to have longer time on using the battery. The setting of this feature can be seen on your battery settings. Second, there is also more excellent notification control. Now you have more control on your notification when updating to Android Nougat. You can choose some options for notification such as to block all the notification, to show the notification silently and so on. Third, Nougat also improves its feature which helps you to save your data usage. If your phone has not provided good data plan feature, Nougat will help you to experience one.

Subsequently, there is also an improvement on notification control which is called power notification control. Thanks to the UI tuner system provided by Nougat, this feature is available to your phone. You can turn on this feature to set notification level for each of your apps. This feature is surely useful when you want to make some apps’ notification become the number one to appear than the other notifications. Then, there is also an improvement on the display mode. Now your phone is able to be used to open two applications at once thanks to the improvement on Android Nougat.

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