Tips To Boost Immunity In Winter

By | January 11, 2017

Health tipsWinter is one of the seasons in which your environment will be so cold. For some people who has a bad immunity, the change of the temperature will cause many bad impacts to the body. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy in the winter, one thing which can be done is boosting the immunity. If you have a better immunity, of course, you can be healthy in the winter.

Moreover, what are the things which you can do to boost the immunity in the winter? If you are curious enough about this matter, there are some best tips that can be done. The best Ayurveda ways to boost the immunity below can be such a good idea.

  1. Ayurveda herbs

To get a better immunity, here can use some Ayurveda herbs. The rejuvenating herbs below must have the best benefits for the body. Those herbs include alma, Aashaadha, Triphala, tulsi, Chavan rash and much more. Those are better to be consumed during the winter. The function itself is that helping the body to boost the immunity.

  1. Warm bath

Then, taking a bath with warm water can be another great idea too. In this case, you can do the bath in the evening during the winter to improve the immunity. You also can add the Epsom salt or maybe the essential oils such as basil, cardamon or rosemary to the water.

  1. Morning massage

Doing morning massage will be another nice idea to improve the immunity in the winter. Here you should do the massage with the warm oils. If you do it, the benefits are to strengthen the muscles, increase the blood circulation and indeed boost your immunity.

In short, with all the things above, you will find such a better immunity during the winter season. Thus, you will not be easy to get sick.

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