These Are What Causes A Earthquake

By | January 17, 2017

what causes earthquakesWhat causes a earthquake is a vary? The most popular courses that mostly happen and know are tectonic plates move and volcanic eruptions. However, there are more than those two causes of earthquake that people do not know yet. Do you know what are they? If you do not know; you are in the right article now. OK, you can read all the information below to know the other causes of the earthquake that are happening around the world. Let us see it as the following.

These Are What Causes A Earthquake You Must Know

There is one thing as the prime cause of many earthquakes around the world. That is an explosion. What kind of explosion is it? It is a big explosion that occurs on or underground that effects the strong vibration and energy to the surface of the earth. Scientists said the explosion in the inner center of the earth is strong as the atomic bomb explosions on the surface. However, what causes a earthquake is also because of something hit on the earth so powerful such as a meteor. Big and high building that collapse is also can cause an earthquake around it. You never know too that there is mysterious earthquake that people never know what the causes. It is because there is something happen somewhere and you do not know it.

Besides, if you are living near the Pacific Ocean; you should be warmer because the Pacific plate is very famous as the cause of the earthquake. So, is there any other cause you know around you? You should share it as well to other people. A big truck that going through is also can cause a small earthquake for some people who feel it. That is what causes a earthquake information for you. Share this information if you want.

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