How Solve Kids Eyes Problem

By | December 27, 2016

Health tipsAllison Babiuch, MD once said “most childhood eye conditions are really easy to treat if they are diagnosed at an early age” and then again she says, “Problem in the kid’s eyes happen because eyes and brain of the child are quite adaptable.” Of course, hearing your kids has a problem with vision isn’t some easy problem. But, of course, like Allison said, if they are diagnosed at an early age, it will really easy to fix and treat them. And today’s we will talk about three eyes problems that develop in kids and how you can treat it. Well, if you really concern about your kid’s condition, you need to read this article.

Well, here are the three problems that might also happen to your kids.

  • Blocked tear ducts, it causes from a small opening in the inside corner of the baby eyelids to the duct and that empties the nose. If the tear duct it’s blocked, it’s because the membrane can’t open properly and it make the tears overflow down the check. The symptoms are the eyelids will redden, and a yellow-green discharge will keep them stick together.
  • Lazy eye, or commonly known as amblyopia in the medical term or also known as a weaker vision in one eye only. This also can happen when the brain turns off the images from the weaker eye to avoid you to having double vision. It will also include with blurry images, nearsightedness and farsightedness or also astigmatism.
  • Cataracts, a clouding that happens in one or both eyes. This happens from genetics, eye injuries or even disease.

Well, if you child having one of those symptoms, you can still have the correct treatment and of course we will let you know about the treatment.

  • Blocked tear ducts, you can use antibiotics eye drops for treatment,
  • Lazy eye, wearing glasses to help your kids having the correct image and vision, and
  • Cataracts, you can consider using a lens or artificial lens also known as Intraocular Lens (IOL) implant.

So, when you have this kind of problem you can still have the solution and of course it will be good for you and your kids.

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