Why Are Martial Arts Uniforms Different?

By | January 28, 2017

martial arts stylesDo you know well about martial arts? It is the traditional arts of fighting in certain countries. For the popular martial arts, there are karate and judo from Japan, kungfu from China, silat from Indonesia and taekwondo from Korea. All those examples above actually have different martial arts uniforms. You can see from silat and karate uniform. In silat, the common uniform wire is black. On the contrary, in karate, it has the white one. The difference of the uniform in each martial art has a certain aim. Therefore, what are the aim of this difference? The following explanation is the answer of the question.

Martial Arts Uniforms Differences

Talking more about martial arts uniforms, as we know that one martial art has a different uniform. Indeed, it has the aim and for the first one is as identity. By having a different uniform, of course, each art of fighting here has its own identity. Thus, people can differentiate them easily. Besides, the philosophy of martial arts somehow influences its uniforms as well. Since the philosophy of this art will be different each other, hence the uniform is different too. Last, the movement that becomes the focus in the martial arts can be the next reason why the uniform is different.

After that, how about the difference which is usually found in the uniforms of many martial arts? Here there are some things which usually differentiate one martial art to others. Firstly, it can be seen from the color. As having been mentioned before that the color of the karate and silat are so different. Also, you may find that the design of each uniform is very different as well. Even though there are martial arts uniforms having the same color, the design of if usually different. Thus, it is easy to differentiate each martial art.

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