Healthy Tips For Healthy Skin

By | March 4, 2017

Health tipsHey you, have you ever wondered whether you are healthy or not? If you have, then you must be difficult in answering. To know whether you are healthy or not you need to make sure to look at the condition of your body and also to feel what you feel on your body, like is there something error maybe? Well, in this case, you must be more sensitive to the condition of your body. Like, for example, is your skin. All this time maybe you will never aware if your skin in a danger condition so that it is a must for you to keep the health of your skin.

The thing that you should do to make your skin healthy is by protecting it from harmful thing such as the sunshine. Sunshine will have a good benefit at a time between 7 am until 10 am. After that, the sunshine is no longer good for your health. The shine which appears is UV light that is possible to burn your skin if you are under the sun for a long duration of time without any protection you use. If you want to run the activity on the outside, when your skin is contacted with the sunshine directly, then it is better for you to use protection.

The protection can be in many things such as you use sunscreen or sun block and make sure that it contains SPF 45. That substance is very beneficial to keep your skin under the sunshine. After that, if you have your acne, and then do not ever let yourself to press the acne. It will be so dangerous. Your hand might contain bacteria so it will be even worse if you touch the acne. If you press the acne too, then it will leave a kind of mark and it will be difficult to be removed.

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