Healthy Breakfast for Your Morning

By | March 18, 2017

Health tipsAs it is known that breakfast is very important for our health. By having breakfast in the morning, you will have the energy to do activities in a whole day. Although you are in a diet program, breakfast is still a must. Those who usually ignore this habit then will make them unhealthy. Moreover, your breakfast can be healthier with the best choice of foods. That is why here is some healthy breakfast food that can be chosen as follow.

  1. Banana, Nut Butter, and Chia Seed Toast

For the first breakfast consist of chia seed toast, banana and nut butter. This superfood indeed can give you so many benefits for the health. The sliced bananas that are mixed with nut butter and also chia seed toast can be full of minerals and vitamins. Even, vitamins and minerals in these foods are six times more than calcium in milk.

  1. Berry and Yogurt Smoothie

Then if you want to choose another breakfast menu, there is berry and yogurt smoothie. Indeed it is a delicious smoothie for your morning. You can just blend some frozen fruit like bananas and berries with Greek yogurt. Then added them with milk, juice or coconut water, choose which one you like. Then freeze overnight and eat it in the morning.

  1. Oatmeal With Egg

Oatmeal can be a good choice for your breakfast menu. The nutrition in oatmeal indeed will help your body healthier. To make it more delicious, you add milk, salt, and pepper. Last the top of it should be put the egg and sprinkled cheese.

  1. Quinoa Fruit Salad

In the next one is quinoa fruit salad that will make your morning so healthy. If you want a fresh breakfast actually this fruit salad becomes a good choice. To make this menu is very easy. What to do is adding the fruit with a scoop of quinoa, lime, honey and also basil.

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