Green Roses And Yellow Roses Meaning

By | May 11, 2017

green rosesIt has been from the ancient time that rose has its own concept of meaning. Among so many varieties of rose, green roses and yellow roses may seem unfamiliar because of its scarcity. When red, white and pink roses are generally known by all people in the society, green and yellow is less popular among these three colors. In case you want to put these roses into your bouquet and you want to know first about its meaning, here is the meaning of green rose and yellow rose.

Meaning Of Green Roses And Yellow Roses

Let’s begin with the green one. When the green color represents abundant growth and life, the color of green rose is associated with the new start and happiness. Despite the negative meaning of green which also represents jealousy, the meaning of this rose is mostly positive. One of the major meanings of green roses is fertility. It is also a symbol of richness and prosperity. As a result, it becomes a perfect gift for someone who is pregnant and someone who is starting a new venture in their life. Moreover, it is also a really soothing flower to decorate your home and garden beautifully.

Moving on to the yellow one, yellow rose is actually one of the flowers which experience different meaning from time to time. In the present day, it is known as the symbol of friendship. When you want to give your special one a rose, it is better to choose another color than yellow since it may represent that you are only concerned about your friendship with that person. However, it will be good for you to give this color for your favorite friends as a message of caring, joy, and cheer. Until this point, you have known a little about the meaning of green roses and yellow roses.

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