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By | May 5, 2017

60 secondsIf you like survival game sets in a nuclear apocalyptic world, you should try 60 Seconds game. It is a survival game developed Robot Gentleman Studio. The game lets you control a character who tries to save his family from a nuclear explosion by entering a fallout shelter. 60 Seconds is a punishing game and it requires quick thinking and planning to survive the apocalypse. Not only you have to save the family members, but you also gather the needed supplies for your survival in the shelter. In addition, you have to do all of those in 60 seconds before the nuclear bomb hits the city.

60 Seconds Game Punishing And Challenging Gameplay

60 Seconds game is now available online. The gameplay of 60 Seconds is hard and challenging. You have to quickly plan your action and consider your every decision. Before the nuke hits, you have 60 seconds to chose and collect items. The items you gathered will affect your chance of surviving the isolation in the shelter. Furthermore, you also have to evacuate your family members to the bunker. Your struggle does not stop after you enter the bunker. You have to survive months of isolation. Therefore, you must carefully manage your supplies and ration your food and water. You also have to keep your family members healthy otherwise they may go sick or lose their mind.

This game is truly designed for hardcore survival players. It is hard and punishing thanks to its face-paced and resource-managing gameplay. You may need several attempts in order to finish the game. Experiences from failures are important in this survival game. Each error and failure are good lessons which will be useful after you restart the game. Is this your kind of game? If you like challenges and love nuclear apocalypse survival games, 60 Seconds is a perfect game for you. 60 Seconds game is available online.

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