Football Highlights: Serie A Classement

By | May 5, 2017

football highlightsFootball nowadays has been the lifestyle of people and it is shown by many people who like to play this sport. Besides many of them also are the supporter of certain clubs so football highlights are very important. For example, are the clubs in Serie A which have been known as the place where many great clubs play. If you also support one of the clubs in this league hence the latest information about your favorite club is something important, isn’t it? Then to get a further information here are about the classement and match schedule in Serie A.

Football Highlights: Serie A Classement And Match Schedule

Serie A itself is the football league in Italy which has been held for a long time ago. This league always becomes one of the news in football highlights. For example, is its classement information that is always be wanted by people. Thus, here is the recent classement for you. In the top place, there is still Juventus with 84 points. This point is high enough since the second place that is Roma only has 75. After that Roma is followed by Napoli that has 74 points. In the next place, there is Lazio and Atalanta having 67 and 64 points. Meanwhile, Milan has 59 and then 56 for Inter that is followed by Fiorentina having 55 points.

Moreover, about the match schedule itself in week 35, it will start on 6 May 2017 which Napoli and Cagliari will meet. Then the next day is the time for Juventus – Torino, Udinese – Atalanta, Genoa – Inter and much more. Meanwhile, AC Milan will meet Roma on 8 May 2017. Of course, all of the matches in week 35 are waited so much by people so that if you do not want to miss any match thus it is such a great idea when you note the football highlights above.

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