Foods to Avoid When Constipated

By | December 25, 2016

Health lifeAlmost everyone has ever suffered constipation. Anal tears, anal fissures, hard stools, rectal bleeding, swelling and discomfort are among the symptoms of being constipated. There can be various causes that lead us into constipation. Some people may suffer this problem because of medications effect and some other may suffer it due to digestive system disease. Whatever the causes of this problem are, you must know that there are some foods that you need to avoid in order to get constipation relief.

The first food that you need to avoid when constipated is dairy products. Food like ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products is well known to cause constipation in many people. It is due to its low-fiber but high-fat content of this food that makes it a real constipating food. If you want to get relief from constipation or just do not want to suffer this problem, avoiding dairy products is certainly a good solution.

The second food to avoid when constipated is red meat. Although there is nothing specific that makes red meat into a cause of constipation, this food is surely not a good choice when you are constipated. It is because of the backed-up feeling after eating several servings of this food in a week that makes you require avoiding this food when constipated. It will be good to eat more salad and baked potato rather than eating red meat when you are constipated.

The third food you have to avoid is chips. How comes chips can avoid you to get relief from constipation? Well, in fact, snacks including potato chips are among the list of constipating foods since it can replace side dish which is fiber rich. This high-fat snack will also delay digestion that can make us feel full and then lead us to constipation. That’s all.

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