Flu Prevention

By | February 13, 2017

Health lifeFor people who live in tropical weather, they seem to be frightened to get flu infection as the weather change extremely. It means the change from hot into the wet season is potentially reduces their immunity. It can be seen by the numbers of students and workers absent due to this period might increase. Moreover, some studies state that the viral and bacterial have developed and turned to be stronger than several times before. Related to this matter, some prevention actions then require taking better than see the doctors when they have infected. Here will be discussed some tips to prevent the flu.

What Should People Do Prevent Flu?

Basically, people should consider about their health status. When the body fit, the infection will be lower than the condition in bad health status. Therefore, people are suggested to take nutritional foods and decrease the numbers of dysfunctional foods. It means, when they want to have snacks, choosing the healthy snacks is more advised rather than buying it on the streets. Meanwhile, taking fruits and vegetables that contain high dosage of vitamins is strongly needed. Somehow, when the body get weaker, it will be good to take a supplement and vitamin C to as the antioxidant.

Meanwhile, it will be good to limit the chance under the rain. When this condition is unavoidable, people should take a warm shower. It will make them warm. On the other hand, drinking water a lot is required to support the transportation system better. It is known that water plays a role as a transporter to remove unused material out of the body. Last suggestion is to take enough time of rest. The tiring body is potentially having a weak immune. So that, make sure the sleeping time is enough is suggested. It is important to let the body rested after pushing it to work in a whole day.

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