Fixing Slow Computer Of Windows Update

By | March 10, 2017

how to fix slow computerFixing Slow Computer Of Windows Update


There are some problems that make our computer slow. One of them is actually because of you trying to update your windows. Indeed, it is ironic, but it can be worse. Before moving to the solution, be sure to check the real cause of the issue to happen. Thus, you do not have to run into ways of fixing slow computer because of the update. It actually happens if your download cannot be resumed for some reason. It can be because of cut internet connection, lags, or because of anti-virus blocking your update process. Because one of the problems, it can lead to a severe problem where your RAM is always on top of the bar.

Fixing Slow Computer Because Of Update

The solution for this problem is simply gone to task manager. Task manager can be accessed by right clicking on your taskbar. You also can click ctrl+alt+del to open task manager. After that, you will see your RAM statistic going up like a crazy. Fixing slow computer because of update like this requires you to identify which part of the program hogging the memory. You can identify that easily because it takes a lot of memory on your computer.

After you identify that, you need to right click the program and you click tabs called service. In the service tab, you will see highlighted service that is related to the program that is hogging your computer. From this point, you can try turning on and off until you see a significant drop in your RAM. After that, your problem will temporarily solve. Fixing slow computer needs additional step in which you should disable the service’s startup. You can do that from task manager too. After that, you are free from RAM hugger service. Please note that this kind of situation typically happens if you use pirate windows because you cannot just update it. Thus it creates the error.

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