Easy Ways to Heal Blisters

By | April 6, 2017

Health careBlisters are common problems which usually occur when the temperatures around us heat up. As your feet sweat and swell due to the high temperature, you may get kind of soreness around your feet as a consequence of the friction of your feet and shoes. At this moment, you suffer one of the conditions which are called as a blister. Using comfortable shoes are surely one of the ways to stay away from blisters. However, even using a comfy one may lead you to blisters. So, what you need to understand right now is the way to heal it naturally.

When it comes to blister, aloe vera gel can be one of the best remedies to use in order to heal blisters naturally. Since it has anti-inflammatory property, aloe vera can help us feeling relief from the soreness of blisters. It is able to hydrate the affected area and maintain the moist of our skin which makes it faster to be healed. Another way to heal blister is by using apple cider vinegar. If you have a blister, try to soak it with apple cider vinegar. It also a home remedy which works well for blister since it has antibacterial feature.

In addition, there is also underarm deodorant which is able to help you avoid blisters. If you are using strappy sandals which may lead you to blisters, you can rub underarm deodorant to your feet for enhancing its protection toward blisters. Next, you can also count on diaper rash cream. It is another way to avoid infection on the area which has a blister. Apply it to your feet and you will stay away from blisters. Another way to heal blister is by applying black tea. It is another anti-inflammatory item which is able to heal your blisters naturally. Those are several ways to heal blisters naturally.

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