How Does An Earthquake Happen On Earth?

By | January 26, 2017

how do earthquakes happenOne of the very frightening disasters that this earth ever face is earthquakes. Not only capable to make everything to dust, this event also can make people lose their lives. How does an earthquake happen? Of course, some of you might not understand how it works. But, of course there are some people who know about the things that happen before the accident happen. So, if you want to know what causing the earthquakes, this might be the good article that you can read and of course this will useful and handy for you, and of course we will tell you with a very easy word that you can easily understand.

How Does An Earthquakes Happen With Explanation?

A disaster that can’t be avoid. But, still can be cope with, if we know when this will happen. Well, some genius people invented the machine that can calculate and write the movement of the tectonic plates within the earth, and this tectonic plate also the main thing that cause the earthquakes. So, if we can notice when the plates are friction then we can get early warning and we can do precaution that will be helpful. How does an earthquake happen? The answer is quite simple. The earthquakes happen because there is some strange activity on the deep of the earth and even the ocean that related to the movement of the tectonic plates beneath the earth. This movement from the tectonic plate produce friction and from this friction will make the earth vibe and if strong enough we can feel the vibe.

You need to know, if the earthquakes always happen all the time but with smaller frequency so we can’t feel it. In the little scale of movement, the earthquakes can’t be danger. But, if the friction is powerful enough and it give the weird sign, then you need to prepare yourself. That’s how does an earthquake happen.

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