Diet, Yay Or Nay?

By | December 14, 2016

Health lifeEveryone knows diet. The art of arranging your food. What to eat and when to eat for a better body shape. Not only that, you will become healthier too. Diet are a very popular method using by women. But don’t worry, men can also do diet too. Diet have a very wide range of methods, from A to Z. but before you choose what method you want, you are recommended to consulting it with your doctor. Not all diet methods are suitable for your body. If you choose the wrong method, instead of being healthier there is a big chance it will do bad to your body. Be mindful everyone!

In this article, I want to share some of the diet methods that you can possibly try. These methods are very easy. But put that in mind, diet requires a great motivation. If you don’t have that, please say goodbye to your dream body. The first method is; Detox diet. Ever heard of it? The main purpose for this is to detoxify your body from any form of toxin. Not in a literal meaning of toxin, the toxin mentioned are from food coloring or too much consuming a medication that has chemicals on it. To clean it up the solution are very simple; drink water. A lot of it. Very cheap and simple! And have a great effect on your body. Moving on to the second method; low-fat diet. This method requires you not to eat all meat in any form and adding vegetable oil. Looks like a veggie lifestyle, right? For those who love meat, this is a high-level diet. Next, the third method is low-calorie diet or also known as calorie restriction. You are intended to reduce eating a food with high calories, such as; avocado, chocolate, meat and much more.

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