Confident With Bright Armpit

By | December 21, 2016

Health careDo you still feel not confident when wearing sleeveless? You must make sure that you have a smooth and clean armpit. Here are some tips to maintain the armpit skin:

  1. Cut in a right way

You must avoid cutting the armpit when it is dry because it is easy to get hurt. It is better to shave the hair after taking a bath when it is humid. You should use sterile soap and shave tools. You must change your shave tools once a week to keep the cleanliness.

  1. It is better to do waxing regularly. If we often shave the hair on armpit, it will make the skin darken.
  2. We should be careful when plucking the armpit because it affects to be irritated and enlarged pores, and hurts. Therefore, you must make sure that the plucking tool is sterile in one pull to avoid hurting. You must pluck in the same direction with the hair growth direction. After that, you must clean your armpit with cool water to close the pores. It is to avoid the bacteria too.
  3. After shaving the hair, you must give a gap time to use deodorant. It is because the skin will get small hurt once you do a shave although you can’t feel it. The hurt will darken if it is exposed with deodorant directly.
  4. When choosing deodorant, you must choose recommended deodorant which is proven good for the armpit. Also, if you are the woman you may choose woman deodorant vice versa if you are men you can use man deodorant. It is because the skin type is different between women and men. If your body is easy to sweat much, you may choose stick deodorant. However, if your sweat is normal, you can choose spray deodorant.

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