Clean Your Hands For Better Eyes

By | May 26, 2017

Health lifeThere are some simple things that actually can make you suffer. One of them is to forget washing your hand. There are some diseases that can be transmitted just through your hand. Therefore, it is essential to keep your hands clean to prevent or to stop the diseases from spreading. One problem that is surprisingly common if you do not wash your hands is irritation in your eyes. There are several things why this happens.

The first is when you are so tired and you are trying to rub your eyes with your fingers because your eyes are tired. From this moment, there is a high chance that your eyes are contaminated with the bacteria or viruses that essentially attack your eyes. This incident is very common, and the early symptom is that you will feel the itch that does not stop after a long period of time. Your eyes start turning red with occasional tears coming without you being able to control them. Another possible case is when you try to attach contact lens without cleaning your hand. This also causes a lot of trouble because you think everything is safe but it is not. Please do not directly make the claim that the liquid for the contact lens is bad because you be the one who messed things up.

With that being said, it is essential to consider cleaning your hands before making contact with your eyes. Your eyes are very sensitive to many things even though they are as small as a single cell. Even though they also have self-defense mechanism, it does not mean you can rely on that every time. You need to prevent your eyes from doing hard work because it also exhausts your eyes. By cleaning your hands, you really can save your eyes from damage or even something worse.

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