Brushed Mosquitoes with Orange Peels

By | April 3, 2017

Health lifeMosquitoes is one of the annoying animals while they life. There are many diseases that cause this small animal like dengue, malaria and etc. There are also many ways for avoiding or prevent the attack of the mosquitoes. You can find many kinds of product which make the mosquitoes go on a long time like lotion, baked anti-mosquitoes, and others. Why don’t you try some alternative way for preventing the mosquitoes? What is the nature materials that can prevent the mosquitos? Here you can get the information about the orange peels as nature mosquitoes repellent.

The Orange Peels as Nature Mosquitoes Repellent

Do you know that the orange peel can nature mosquito’s repellent? The orange peel is one of nature mosquito’s repellent that more effective for brushing the mosquitos. The orange peel content with a lemon compound which it is hated by mosquitoes so much or other insects. This lemon can damage their smell organ and also can damage the nerve system of mosquitoes, this lemon compound will make the mosquitoes feel pressed and die. So, how can you apply this orange peel for brushing mosquitoes? The simple way that you can practice the orange peel is you should prepare the orange peel around your house or put it on the side of your house that much mosquitoes in there. You can put the orange peels in some rooms in your house until the mosquitoes slowly died and disappear from your house. You also can change the orange peels if the old one was rotten.

The second way, you can apply this orange peel with your electricity mosquito’s repellent. You should cut the orange peels as big as the electricity tools, after that, you can turn on the tools and wait for the orange peels until dry up. This orange peels can use about 90 minutes in your room. After the orange peels dry up, you should change this one with the new orange peels. So, simple, right?

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