Berry Benefits: Acai Berry

By | March 3, 2017

Berry BenefitsWoman nowadays are being obsessed with the beauty faces. Being beauty such a must in this era. Even there is also some woman that would like to go to the beauty surgery in other to change their face and make them beauty as they thought. The most problem for the woman are the same, they do not want to get old, getting old means that they will get crinkle around their face, stretchmark, and even wrinkle. Blackhead, and many other problems. Those problems are being the main reason why many women are paying attention to their faces from the adults and teenagers, some of them are using anti-aging cream or anti-aging serum to avoid that problem above. But they do not know that there is a traditional way to get your face younger. By using berry benefits of the acai berry your face will get younger every day.

Younger Face With Berry Benefits

Berry benefits of acai berry are known as the younger extract. Acai berry is contained much anti-oxidant which is twice more than a blackberry. That is why acai berry is good for the anti-aging treatment. There are some research and study in the Emory University School Of Medicine which is known as EUSM in the United States found that there is an animal which is live longer for three days by consuming acai berry. It is because acai berry contained anthocyanin which is good protect your broken cell that could cause you got the radiation which is stimulated cancer. In another word, this acai berry also good for you to avoid cancer.

Not only those function written above there is also another berry benefits inside the acai berry. These fruits are contained acid amino which is good for your health of skin and hair. That is why acai berry are mostly used as the mixed ingredients in the skin care or hair care for the woman.

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