What Do Baby Termites Look Like and Its Damage

By | December 2, 2016

how to get rid of flying termitesThe presence of termites become natural silent destroyer for woods in construction or furniture. Generally, termites eat cellulose as the main materials in woods. This damage causes the loss of money dollars both for house and business in furniture owner. As a natural cause, no insurance could cover this problem. The early stage in detection then develops to avoid the bigger loss. Since the termites are invisible, especially the one that is still baby, you need to be very careful. That is why, people might be wondering what do baby termite look like? People need to know how is it look like to get rid of them.

What Do Baby Termites Look Like Actually?

What does baby termites look like? It is actually smaller than the adult one. In natural, termites eat cellulose and change the structure of woods from inside area then go straight to the outer layers. Thus, in a certain level of damages, it will make a cavity. The cavity seems to be bigger if the structure of woods is softer. Merely, there is a kind of termites that also eat soft woods. In short, the attack will make the structure weaker. The simplest test to understand this condition is by tapping or knocking the woods. If the sound of hollow appears, it is noticed as the sign detects what does termite damage look like.


On the other hand, besides using audio test, somehow the detection of termite’s activity could be used by the visual test. Along with creating the cavity, it will make the specific pattern as honeycomb when the woods are observed carefully. The structure of the woods will become not good anymore but the wavy complex of the structure could be found. This pattern becomes the early inspection in what does termite damage look like. Early detection is good to avoid the termites to live and breed faster around the house. The more serious damage will occur when the amount of termites increase. Well, those are the explanation of what do baby termites look like.

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