5 Cool DVD Storage Ideas

By | May 28, 2017

dvd storage ideasI always have a desire to watch movies in my free time. Sometimes I go to the cinema with friends and more often I prefer buying DVDs so I watch the movie repeatedly in my house. Besides that, having a physical form of a movie gets me this unexplainable feeling. So, I keep buying more and more discs until I have no place to store them. In this page, I want to share DVD storage ideas for you, my movie enthusiast friend. Let’s jump to the next paragraph!

DVD Storage Ideas For Movie Enthusiasts

Placing your large DVD collections can be so confusing if you have no idea how to store them organized. So here go 5 cool DVD storage ideas for you:

  1. Store your DVD without case

You can easily spot specially made DVD storage binders at the store near your house. They are generally made of three rings as well as plastic sheets holding 3 to 4 discs per page which permit saving a lot of discs. You can still store them organized based on the alphabetical order.

  1. Store your DVD with case

Cases shield the DVDs from damages much way much better than storing them outside of the case.

  1. Elegant storage

Box up your winter clothes and put them away under your bed until the cold comes. Start to store your disc collection into your elegant cupboard that you have emptied before.

  1. Cool storage

Remember that space under the staircases? Yes, it can be another prime possibility for your discs storage.

  1. DVD Wall mounted storage idea

This is perfect for you if you have a small space, well, we all do. Empty some extra area with wall-mounted or 4-sided media storage. Very stylish.

Besides having an organized storage, by creating one from DVD storage ideas above, you will also have a fancy room decoration.

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