3 Types Of Pain In The Chest That Won’t Kill You

By | February 3, 2017

Health tipsMaybe you think if the chest pain will be dangerous and this could send you to the emergency room in the hospital immediately. Of course, chest pain will be something that really terrifying for all the people. Maybe if you experience pressure or discomfort on your center of the chest or even in arms, jaw and neck and stomach and your back and this happen with shortness of breath you might have a signal to a heart attack or myocardial infarction. But, you also need to know about chest pain that won’t kill you and in this article, we will tell you about 3 types of pain in the chest that won’t be able to kill you.

3 Kind Of Chest Pain That Won’t Kill

  • Momentary discomfort on the chest, this will feel like an electrical shock or even a lightning bolt running through your heart. This typical chest pain won’t kill you. But, it might result in the musculoskeletal injury in the past,
  • Pinpoint discomfort in the chest that will worse when you change your position and when you breathing, this thing really involves the lungs. So, it does not relate to any heart disease,
  • Chest discomfort that will get better with do exercise, if this happens, you only need to move and do some exercise to keep your heart in good condition.

Those three things will never be able to kill you, so you just need to relax when you experience those things above. To keep your body in balance and you can keep your heart, lungs, and your chest from pain and uncomfortable feelings, you need to make your life healthier and change your lifestyle will be good for you because it will help you to make your life better in the future and of away from harm.

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